NFT's characteristics

Characteristics affecting income


The minimum level of Wojakian collectibles is level 1, the maximum level is level 20, and every character is upgradeable. Levels 1-5 are baby wojak NFTs, which minting will be available under some circumstances after phase 2, and it is a surprise for now; levels 5-20 are adult wojak NFTs; at phase 1, users will start to mint them.


is the amount of time that a particular NFT was set as a Twitter profile; the more Age an NFT has, the more minting power it will get.


Energy is between 1-100 percent, and ecosystems users will try to keep it close to 100% by burning tokens to maximize profit.


the number of mints by a specific NFT pair is limited to three times only, and Age can affect it.

5.Twitter Followers (or Other Social Media)

number of followers has an effect on profitability

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